Participation in trade fairs


Industry-specific survey of trade fairs ensures participation in the most demanded exhibitions internationally.

  • Search for appropriate trade fair events by industry in different countries
  • Survey of new trade fairs by target country
  • Planning a country-specific fair attendance calendar
  • Scheduling of participation in different target countries
  • Cost Estimation for Event Attendance



Appointments and product demonstration services.

  • Marketing of products and services
  • Arranging meetings with prospective clients and other interested parties
  • Translations of marketing materials into the language of the target country
  • Printing of marketing materials in the target country
  • Interpreters, representatives and brochure distributors during the event in the target countries
  • Invitations and announcements to the stand during the event in the language of the target country
  • Organization of different business events in connection to the trade fair aims
  • Catering, performers, and banquets

Services at trade fairs


  • Individual Exhibition Stands
  • Joint Exhibition Stands
  • On-ground Pavilions.

Design of Exhibition stands


We organize trade fair stands for events of various industries all over the World

  • Arranging of place for the fair stand, on-ground pavilion, and reservation of rooms with the fair organizer
  • Supply of information to participants in the event's official catalogues
  • Translating of catalogue texts into the language of the target country
  • Updating attendance schedule and information according to the needs
  • Overall coordination of technical orders and additional orders and control of their implementation
  • Cooperation with the fair organizer and informing the participants on the schedule’s implementation
  • Design of the stans, on-ground pavilions and realization of technical projects
  • Technical orders, additional orders, and structural approvals from the organizer
  • Implementation of monitoring and order coordination for the stands
  • Reception of participant material shipments, and stand's coordination
  • Additional orders from local service providers, green plants, vending machines, others
  • Technical support during the presentations

Shaping of the exhibition stand


Logistics coordination locally and abroad.

  • Delivery of printed brochures and banners in the target countries to the stand
  • Coordination of logistics for machines and equipment to be sent to/from the fair
  • Coordinating of delivery and return back home of trade fair participants
  • Coordination of deliveries of commodities ordered from the country of destination to the exhibition stand

Logistics services for trade fair attendance


Production of content, social media, printing media.

  • Company information and products/services presentation videos in the language of the target country
  • Printed media services in the language of the target country

Media services for participation in trade fairs